EASY Healthy Pup-sicle Treats for your dog!

So the Holidays are here!

And you might be tempted to toss your dog one of those special Christmas cookies you've just baked!  BUT WAIT! That cookie is fine for you but it may not be a healthy choice for your dog! 

Instead of risking stomach discomfort or worse, let's make a simple, healthy and delicious wintery frozen treat for your dog with beneficial ingredients!

Keep your favorite sugar cookies and peanut butter kisses for you and your human friends!

All you will need for these fun frozen treats are:

  • 1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries (Antioxidant-rich!)
  • 1/4 Cup Natural Peanut Butter (NO XYLITOL!) (Protein & heart-healthy fats)
  • 1 mashed Banana (Fiber & Potassium)
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • A blender
  • An ice cube tray or fun-shaped mold
  • Your favorite Curative Pet Powder (I used Passion Flower for calming benefits) 

To figure out how much Curative Pet Powder you need to use will depend on how many treats your mold/tray makes. To make each treat equal to a daily serving of powder you will use 1 scoop for every treat. So if your tray makes 12 cubes then use 12 scoops. And on that note, this treat should only be fed once a day! 

(Also, keep in mind that on the days you are giving these treats to your dog, you will skip sprinkling it on your dog's food.)

Gather your ingredients and place them into your trusty blender! (hold off on the water just yet) 

Blend until smooth. If your mixture is too thick, add water as needed to create a smoothie-like texture.

 It should make a beautiful shade of purple goodness!

Then simply pour your mixture into your tray or mold!


Freeze for 6-8 hours. Once they are frozen solid, carefully remove and store in a freezer bag or container for up to 2 months! These melt quickly so pop them out and put them back into the freezer quickly.

You can also switch up the ingredients in theses Pup-Sicles to add some variety!

Try adding some spinach for an extra health boost or substitute the blueberries for plain pumpkin puree! Just make sure your ingredients are dog safe!

That's it!

So easy!

So healthy!

Your dog is going to look at you today and think "How did I get so lucky?"   

And you will surely be wondering the same thing because obviously, your dog is the best! 

Friendly Reminder: Blueberries are beautiful but can leave stains on your carpet or couch so please feed these in a contained area. I don't know about you but my dog likes to parade exciting new treats through the house. So, I have learned through trial and error. 😊


Curative Pet

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