The Benefits of Spirulina for Dogs

Protein in a dog's diet is essential for a happy and healthy life. Containing about 60% vegetable protein, spirulina is often referred to as a superfood for both humans and animals. Rich in amino acids and chlorophyll, this algae has many benefits to offer. Spirulina can enhance, protect, and strengthen your dog's health once easily introduced into their daily life.  


Many people use spirulina when they want to help their dog boost a poor immune system naturally. The protein in this blue-green algae also can help a tired dog who is in need of a push. Spirulina benefits both the inside and outside of your dog's body in many ways: 

  • Enhance the immune system
  • Reduce allergies   
  • Improves endurance levels 

The chlorophyll found inside spirulina cleanses the blood which fights off any toxins that may be lurking inside. This promotes healthy blood cells which strengthens the immune system. These healthy blood cells aid in fighting off any infections or diseases. With a stronger immune system comes the better chance of not forming allergies. It doesn’t stop inside the body, spirulina is packed full of protein so you can expect your dog to have much more energy and endurance.  


The two most common ways spirulina can be found is in the form of capsules or powder. While spirulina can be used every day, a little goes a long way. Supplementing too much at a time can lead to an upset stomach. It is best to give small amounts at a time. When given in small doses, spirulina will boost your dog's overall health and energy.

Spirulina Powder

This easy to use powder can be sprinkled on top of your dog's food or added into their water for added protein. Again, be sure to use small amounts of spirulina powder to ensure your dog is getting the best benefits possible and not an upset stomach. A general measurement to go by when using spirulina powder is about ¼ teaspoon per feeding.  

Spirulina Dog Treats

If your dog is a picky eater and won’t eat food with anything on it, try giving these immunity supporting dog treats a try. With the first ingredient being pork, it will be much easier to get your dog to eat spirulina in this form. We recommended giving these treats to your dog up to 2 times a day.