How to Calm an Anxious Dog Naturally

Anxiety is very common among all types of dogs, especially rescues. Types of anxiety might include social, noise, or separation. Some owners look to solve these problems by going to the vet and getting medicine, but there are more natural ways to help relieve your pet's anxiety. For many dogs, natural herbs or supplements are an alternative solution to vet prescribed medicine.

Passionflower Benefits for Anxiety

Passionflower is a great natural ingredient that has shown to be very beneficial in treating dogs with anxiety issues. This type of flower has flavonoids that help give dogs a very relaxed feeling.

Valerian Root Powder for Anxiety 

Another great ingredient that many pet owners use to illuminate their dogs paranoia is Valerian Root. Valerian is used more specifically to help dogs that are in need of an ease of tension. It is also a great ingredient to consider if your dog gets a little too excited when guests are over.

How To Incorporate These Herbs Into Your Dog's Diet

To purchase these types of natural products, you should first decide what form you want to buy them in. Many dog treats include ingredients like Passion Flower and Valerian. Another way to feed them to your dog is by purchasing them in the form of powder. This is a common technique used because you can put it in your dog’s food and are able to control and monitor how much they take. This is often a better solution because it gives you a chance to test out different amounts and find the right balance for your dog.