Natural Remedies to Improve Your Dog's Digestion

As common as digestive issues are with humans, they are just as common with dogs. However, with dogs, it is often difficult to determine the source of digestive problems. Issues can be the result of anything from food allergies to something your dog found outside.

Digestive issues among pets might seem unavoidable at times. To help dogs deal with this, there are certain natural ingredients available that have proven themselves to be beneficial to a speedy recovery.

Ginger Powder

One natural ingredient that many people use to help with their dogs' digestive issues is ginger. Ginger has been shown to help improve and ease nausea. Many dogs get upset stomachs from car rides. Giving a dog ginger prior to a car ride can lessen the chance of them feeling nauseous.

Ginger has also been shown to decrease bloating. Ginger creates a smoother digestive cycle which eases stomach pain and helps avoid gastric dilatation. A great way to add extra ginger to your dog's diet is with ginger powder that can be easily added to or mixed in with their daily meals.

Other Supplements

Some other natural ingredients that help with digestion include turmeric and curcumin. These are very beneficial to your dog's digestive system because they break down dietary fats ( Breaking down these fats is an important way to aid dogs with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Adding These Supplements to Your Dog's Diet

When giving these natural remedies to your dog, it is important to provide the correct amounts. Contact your vet today for more information on feeding your dog these natural ingredients.