Natural Remedies Digestive Health in Dogs

As common as digestive issues are with humans, they are just as common in dogs. With dogs though, it is often difficult to figure out what the source of their digestive problem is. Some dogs have stomach issues and are sensitive to certain foods, while others might just be eating things they find outside that cause an upset stomach. Regardless of cause is, digestive issues among pets might seem unavoidable at times. To help dogs deal with this, there are certain natural ingredients available that have been shown to be beneficial when dealing with these digestive obstacles. 

Ginger to Improve Nausea

One natural ingredient that many people use to help with their dogs digestive issues is ginger. Countless studies have shown the ginger can help with nausea.

Many dogs deal with stomach issues when riding in cars. Giving your dog a treat with ginger or adding powdered ginger to their food before a car ride can lessen the chance they will throw up and make a mess.

Ginger to Improve Bloating

Ginger has also proven to help with digestive problems including bloating. By creating a smoother digestive cycle, it eases stomach pain and helps avoid gastric dilatation (Dogs Naturally Magazine)

Turmeric & Curcumin Digestive Benefits

Some other natural ingredients that help with digestion include turmeric and curcumin. These natural herbs can improve digestive health because they break down dietary fats which often can lead to an upset stomach (Benefits of Turmeric). Breaking down these fats is an important way to aid dogs with IBD. 

When giving these natural remedies to your dog, it is important to know the correct amounts they should be getting. Too big of a dose can lead to further stomach issues and should be avoided. Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes and doses should be distributed accordingly. Shop online today to find our selection of natural rememdies for pet health and follow the directions provided.